Why Cats Are Our True Friends. By SVP

Kitties are people too… Sometimes, through a window, I spy on them-looking like they are having a meeting; and when I come through the door, they go back to acting like cats.

Cats love to eat small scurrying little mammals, for dinner; plus, for the thrill of the hunt. Their two longest teeth are spaced at the exact distance required to separate a mouse’s head from it’s spine, and with little effort; just for the sound it makes, I think.

Super healthy and organic, are live mice for kitties tummy’s.  And especially yummy too, plus lots of vitamins and nutrients; always  a good idea for a happy kitty.

Especially territorial, these feline critters will mark-out ‘rooms’ for themselves with a special sweat gland. They may growl when another passes the markings, maybe fight too.

Then they creep around silently, stalking their prey, or looking out for snakes that pop-up outta nowhere. They can see in the dark, so expect most activity at night.

Cats take cat-naps (short naps) mostly, instead of deep sleep

Cats don’t bark.

Cats basically flush the toilet, nature’s toilet, by burying it in sand.  Because cleanliness is next to God-liness, perhaps.

Never wash a cat (if they are really dirty, take them to a pet-doctor. If they smell (assuming a healthy kitty) it’s because YOU are washing them. You see, they have natural conditioner applied by their tongues. If a cat is washed, they will feel like they got maced, all over, until they can reapply conditioner, by-themselves. A healthy kitty is usually the cleanest pet in the room.


Outside cars and inside cats are different?
Yes, very. Outside cats are ‘feral’, or wild, and may have ‘inactive’ disease’s. Indoor cats are ‘domesticated’, and should have their inoculations. Don’t mix these types of cars. Disease’s which can be dormant in one family, can infect another just by mingling and definitely by fighting. So just don’t do it.

Do cats like milk?
Not cows milk. Even if they look like they are enjoying it, it is poisonous because cows makes ‘lactose’; kitties will throw-up, puke, and/or vomit lactose and feel nauseous for a long while. So just don’t do it.

Some dogs and cats get along very well with each other when introduced as babies together.  But after that, and especially if the dog is bigger, kitty may be found hiding in the dog’s stomach, forever.  Or at least the cat will live in constant stress.  So, it’s a bad idea to mix dogs and cats, unless from babies.

No more than anyone else. Listen, if a dark-colored kitty crosses your path, its likely they are attracted to YOUR bad luck.

Here kitty?
Don’t follow a cat, if they like you they will come by later when it’s quieter; and if they don’t like you, then they probably will avoid you. Just don’t take it personally.  Most are actors.



Cats, and many mammals, just love the meow mix and live mice.

Sofa Ruined?:
Never scold your kitty for scratching furniture (or anything else because they don’t understand much other than a feel-good instant manicure) because it was really, your fault. It simply means you have a choice of grooming their nails, or getting metal furniture.

Cure for cancers?:
Cancer of the soul, yes. Cats make you healthier. Seriously. This blog did great research on all the cures: http://www.care2.com/causes/14-ways-your-cat-improves-your-health.html

Also, purring is same frequency for human therapy, as written here: http://www.dailyinfographic.com/the-healing-power-of-cat-purrs-infographic?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+DailyInfographic+%28Daily+Infographic%29&utm_content=Yahoo%21+Mail

How to be nice to cats:
Brush your kitties back where they cannot reach, and only with a cat-brush; and don’t forget their cheeks.

Remember, as always, your pets should be spayed and neutered. Of course then, you’ve also removed their sex life. So they only have a few good rewards left, like scratching your furniture.

– As of 2017, Walmart corporation sells the best value brand that works great, under their own name-brand.
– I use the CatGenie automatic litter-box (withOUT clay litter which dusts your house constantly), is still cheaper to run and you clean the litter box twice per year.

Join me next time with our newest member, we will have to have a poll to pick Kitty’s new name.



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