Perdóname, I hope this is the last time I have to do this. And so; I still hate it when writer’s are lazy.  Look at what this NE-er-do-well wrote about me:  http://www.nytimes.com/1997/08/30/nyregion/student-arrested-in-phone-fraud-after-wrong-victims-beeped.html?mcubz=0

I beeped the wrong victims? Is he joking or does he have bad taste?

I hate lazy writers, was essentially the title of my last blog on John T. McQuiston, and the periodical called The New York Times; and then it was wiped from history. Perhaps the Vault7 virus on my smart-device.

This is a true story..

I’m not angry that Mr. JTM  used weasel words to describe me, but no one should walk all over you either.

So, here I am, rewriting and re-living the disappointing memories, ones that hurt when a writer with press credentials, essentially copies the press release, a press release with substantial errors; I can report.

It was 1997, I was young and dumb and just wanted to be a race-car driver, but was forced to go to computer school.

Unfortunately, a perfectly timed glitch in Nynex corporation’s (whom then changed their name to ver-i-zon) data mainframe computer, went offline during business hours rendering our product inoperable; trying to make me look stupid, you understand?!

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I am just computer programmer. My college partner (another disappointing memory) suggested the RoboCaller software (a thought, that would never have occurred to me) because he lacked the talent, you understand? So he told me to open the account in my name and give him half the money. And so it began..

[VIDEO: Beavis & Butthead want to start a 900-number after seeing it on TV. CREDIT: MTV]

I was being setup. But am I here to write a dynamite-piece on political assassination, calling-out the prosecutor for waiting six months until right during the DA’s re-election campaign to give the go-order? No. I don’t believe in that.  Plus, Nynex made sure no one could ever lose a penny. There were no victims; it was a purposeful distraction because the real story is about media bias.

So to be arrested for following the rules of the giant communications corporation seemed like abuse of power, and as an MTV-addled teenager, also hyper-confusing.

My neighbor explained to me then, that it was because I am,

“a white male, and come from a good neighborhood”, he said.

I did not say that. I originally thought it was The New York Times not caring about people with a vowel at the end of their name. Either way the charge was surrendered in court because it’s legal.

[VIDEO: President Trump calls The New York Times, a garbage newspaper going to hell.]

I admit I made a mistake. Did I accidentally wake up a few people at 11:01pm because Windows 3.1 computer operating system doesn’t update daylight-savings-time automatically? Yes. I apologized and paid the court costs (although a warning would have sufficed); I was out on the streets by dinner with a personal story to tell.

The truth is that Nynex corporation took one-third of the money off the top, and handled billing, and did the customer service. And then changed their name, So why didn’t Nynex get dragged through the mud, as well? I don’t know and I don’t care because this is ancient history. Or is it?  I notice the Google search engine refuses to put my most recent stuff first, and there is no complaint department.

All I know is, when an innocent person is forced to defend false accusations, it’s called, smearing-you. And so to spread dis-information (hacer propaganda de) because you are perhaps, jealous or narcissistic, is sad, and I don’t have time for you, nor do I care; and so I’m happy.

[VIDEO: FBI Director shows The New York Times obviously makes up facts when none exist.]

But I think everyone should remember that humanity are the real victims here. The New York Times exaggerates everything until it means something completely different, giving good news a bad name; And I’m the proof.

Why would they do that? Because they’re lazy weasels, perhaps? I really don’t know (and I’m only talking about Mr. JTM and his editor and the publisher at TNYT).

The bottom line is that I would never believe anything that The News York Times has written; although they have a good Classified section.

In conclusion, there are always two sides to every story, and we deserve to hear both sides and use our own common sense to understand every issue.

[VIDEO: Philip DeFranco reveals the Youtube monetization boycott.]

PLUS, I’m a firm believer that everyone (corporations included) deserves second chances.
Me, I am not a sinner. I got a B+ in both courses; probably for ‘over-kill’ since I used Encyclopedia Britannica on DVD-ROM, for research. Then, and now, my programs are all Open-source (I may have one for repelling mosquitoes soon).

So, I will take back saying the TNYT reporter was a NE-er-do-well. However, he was a SUPER low-productive employee at work, at least once. No doubt about it. May God rest his soul.

Today, 20 years later, I own a car-wash and a computer business (where I transfer your files across any platform with top-notch security, and for excellent value). I also donate my time helping underprivileged animals, and my internet skillz are relegated to getting the ratings past the one-third (33.33%) milestone at The Autostream Channel (A difficult task nowadays since the great youtube video advertising boycott and monetization purge since 2015, (which TNYT had nothing to do with, it must be written.)).

[VIDEO: Oprah Winfrey special on ‘puppy mills’.]

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Thanks for reading, reader. If you have any questions, please feel free to deploy your free speech rights at this blog because you can never get in trouble for telling liars to F-off.

In conclusion, I know this blog is supposed to be less cerebral and more about our Channel, but sometimes life gets in the way… Like these meteor showers all over the world lately…

[VIDEO: Showers from the heavens. Just get strong metallic umbrella and you’ll be good.]

Cheers from America,
God Bless,
Sincerely yours,
Scott Vanpala

General Cornwallis, when asked how history will remember us,

he said, “History will lie.”.

Edited by Jane

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